Classic Clock (Blackground Alarm + Weather) for iPad

Classic Clock (Blackground Alarm + Weather) 實用時鐘(世界時鐘+後臺鬧鈴+天氣) ********************************************************** Classic Clock is a Powerful and Easy-to-use Clock for iPad. 實用時鐘是一款專為iPad量身打造的強大的時鐘軟件 ********************************************************** Download Classic Clock and make Life, Study, Business, GTD…easy! 從今天開始使用實用時鐘,讓你的生活,學習,工作,GTD更加的簡單! Features: 功能: ✔ iPod music alarms: Choose your favorite iPod music to wake you up ✔ iPod音樂鬧鈴:選擇你最喜歡的音樂成為一天的開始。 ✔ Custom Color for LCD ✔ 自定義LCD的顏色 ✔ Weather: Automatically find and display your local weather conditions and temperature.Support both Fahrenheit and Celsius display ✔ 天氣:自動顯示你當前位置的天氣狀況和溫度,支持華氏和攝氏度顯示。 ✔ Integrated a powerful world clock: Display global time zones, cities and world weather ✔ 集成了功能強大的世界時鐘:更快的獲取時區、城市、國家和當地天氣信息 ✔ Universal App: 30+ languages supported ✔ 支持30多種語言顯示 ✔ iOS 4 Supported: With iOS 4 on your iPad, Classic Clock will work in the background so you no longer have to keep the app running all the time. ✔ 支持iOS 4:在你的iPad上安裝了iOS 4後,實用時鐘可以在後臺運行 ✔ 9 built-in alarm sounds ✔ 內置9款實用的鬧鈴鈴聲 ✔ Background alarm ✔ 後臺鬧鈴 ✔ Slide up and down to dim the screen ✔ 可通過滑動屏幕改變時鐘的亮度 ✔ Stopwatch: Easy-to-use Stop Watch with lap control. ✔ 無限級lap記錄的秒錶 ✔ Countdown timer ✔ 簡單易用的倒計時器 ✔ Simple and easy to navigate UI ✔ 直觀的用戶介面,使用完全沒有難度 ✔ Full Screen display ✔ 支持全屏顯示 And more features is incoming. 更多的功能正準備到來

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